What is the Zero-Waste Kitchen?
The Zero-Waste Kitchen is a food-focused platform packed with everyday solutions to help you use up the food we would typically toss aside. It's full of delicious recipes that use up groceries, tackle food scraps and transform your leftovers. After developing zero-waste solutions in my own kitchen, I share with you small changes that can make a big difference starting with how we buy, cook and eat food.
Cook More, Waste Less available now!
My hope with this cookbook is to show how simple, small shifts in how we buy, cook, and eat food can make a significant difference to the amount of food waste we produce. And if going zero waste feels unattainable, remind yourself regularly, as I do, that it is a goal and not a hard target. Included in these pages are some basic strategies and tools to help you start this zero-waste journey and get you thinking about new ways of planning your meals, and buying and preparing food.


Cook More, Waste Less - cookbook by Christine Tizzard

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