The Many Ways to Use Fruit Preserves: Spread Some Love

Christine Tizzard with Bonne Maman on fruit preserves

For sure you have at least one bottle of jam, jelly, fruit preserve or spread amongst your collection of condiments clanging around in your fridge door. They are patiently waiting for you, and not only to brighten your morning toast. Don’t let those jars and fruit preserves go to waste.

I wanted to give you a gentle nudge their way. I want to remind you of all the intensely satisfying ways to use them up, so they never get lost in the shuffle, or even worse, thrown away.

Let’s look at how one humble jar of jam can really spread some love:

1. You can add fruity flavours into your next marinade.

2. A spoonful brings life into a plain vinaigrette.

3. A dollop can add tang or sweetness to your next to your pan sauce or gravy.

4. Flavour up a batch of homemade granola by using it in place of sugar in the syrup.

5. Simmer some into a from-scratch BBQ sauce.

6. Bake with it, make some Rugelach.

7. Top a fancy sandwich or burger with a slather.

8. Stir it into plain yogurt, ice cream, porridge, or whipped cream.

9. Fancy up your cheese plate with some fruit preserves to go with that Brie.

10. Make some jam stuffed French Toast this weekend.

This post was inspired by the release of, and my love for, the new Bonne Maman Intense fruit spreads. 38% less sugar and way more fruit.

Photograph by Josh Tenn-Yuk. More recipes here.

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