Storing rhubarb

Buying versus growing rhubarb.

As far back as I remember I have always had rhubarb growing in my garden. One rhubarb plant has typically been enough for my family, however if you want to freeze or preserve rhubarb for later I would go for two. Plants are inexpensive, handy, and here is the kicker!!! I have had my one rhubarb plant now for 17 years. WELL worth the money. So if you have the room in your garden (and it does not take much) growing it is far better than buying it from your local grocer. Also, I find in the city, you really do pay a pretty penny for a few rhubarb stalks.

So, how do you properly store rhubarb once you buy or harvest its stalks?

Well, think of rhubarb like celery. The only BIG difference is that celery leaves are edible, rhubarb leaves are toxic.

  • Remove the large leaves and tough bottom stems and discard
  • Wrap rhubarb stalks tightly in foil in your fridge to maximize its life span.
  • Ideally, rhubarb should be used up within a few days. If not using it within that time, rhubarb freezes very well.

So, how do you properly freeze rhubarb?

To freeze rhubarb, chop into chunks and lay flat on a baking sheet in the freezer for about 30 minutes to partially freeze, then transfer to a freezer safe bag or container. Flat freezing like this first prevents the rhubarb from freezing into one big lump that you cannot break apart.

Now that you know storing rhubarb is easy, you can easily buy and start cooking with them. If you would like to try one of my rhubarb recipes, you can visit my rhubarb recipes here. Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more tips and tricks.

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