Zero Waste Beverage Hacks

Reducing food waste at home is not limited to only food! We should also talk about drinks. Yes, beverages! Tea, coffee, wine, spirits, even brines can all be used up instead of thrown away. There are also a plethora of ways we can up up food scraps to make beverages. For example, take a look at what Quebec company, Loop Mission is doing. Not only do they make juices and sparkling beverages from ugly food that would typically be tossed at the corporate level, they are also making ciders and gin from food scraps discarded from other food companies.

  • Stuck with open bottles of wine or beer? Portion it out in small containers or ice cube trays and freeze for soups, sauces and braises.
  • Leftover bubbly has lost its sparkle? It’s still excellent to for cooking, from a splash in risotto to a base for poaching pears.
  • Have a few bald oranges from a night of Negronis? Juice them the next day for a morning of Mimosas!

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