How to store asparagus

In Canada, 30% of all produce is wasted. I wonder how many stems of asparagus that is? Asparagus is one of those produce items that I only eat when in season, so come spring I am overjoyed with all the local asparagus. Asparagus, not only delicious, is also very good for us — boosting our bodies with fibre, antioxidants and nutrients all with less calories according to Healthline. Hence, storing and keeping asparagus fresh is important.

However, asparagus is definitely not the cheapest of vegetables of the bunch, so to save your precious asparagus in your fridge for longer follow these 3 important steps.

TIP: asparagus is best eaten within a few days of purchasing, so avoid buying more than you think you will cook and eat.

Step #1

Keep the rubber band on to hold the bunch together, and trim 1-inch off the ends of the asparagus.

Step #2

Treat asparagus like fresh cut flowers. Stand them, stem down, in a reused glass jar, container, or mug with enough water to cover stems by an inch or more. Store in the fridge.

Step #3

If you need to keep you asparagus longer than 3 days, loosely cover the asparagus (already stored in the jar with water in the water) with a plastic bag for up to a week. If the water looks cloudy, just change it as needed.

Storing asparagus does not have to be difficult! Start storing your asparagus so it becomes habit.

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