How do you like them Apples: A Guide to Keeping your Apples out of the Green Bin

Apple crumble

One apple a day keeps the doctor away, but over one million apples get tossed in Canada every day! That was certainly a shocking number for me to see. Here are my top tips for making your apples stay fresh and edible longer, as well as how to use up all the apples in your kitchen!

Check out the video below:

Proper Storage (0:30) 

Apples produce a naturally occurring gas that can be helpful or damaging to your other produce. You can store them with green bananas to help them ripen faster!

However, apples like the cold. I recommend keeping them separate from your other produce in your crisper so that nothing else spoils. 

Freezing apples (1:12)

Not going to eat them all on time? You can freeze them! 

Core and chop them, then let them sit in some lemon water. Once they have been soaked, line them up on a baking sheet and toss them in the freezer until they are slightly frozen. After that, you can transfer your apples to a freezer-safe bag or container! These will last up to one year. 

Tik Tac Toe Slicing (1:50)

Bringing an apple with you to work, or packing them in your child’s lunch? Use the tik tac toe method! Slice the apple in a tic tac toe pattern, leaving it connected at the bottom. Then you can use a rubber band to hold it together, and keep the apple tasty all day! 

Extra Apple Tip (2:16) 

Keep your baked goods moist by adding an apple slice to the container! 

Whole apple crumble (2:30) 

Apple crumble is a classic, but it is even better in the apple! No waste whole apple crumbles make perfect individual desserts for the fall season!

For the whole recipe, click here!

Photography by Ryan Hegarty