Keep Your Carrots Fresh for Longer


I love to buy carrots with their long flowing tops still attached. It is one guaranteed way to tell how fresh they are. This also means that they haven’t made too long a trip from the farm to your grocer. By not buying a plastic bag of carrots, you’re already reducing your waste.

Here are my top waste-free tips on how to keep your carrots fresher for longer.

  • Don’t keep their tops on. Cut the carrot tops off as soon as you get home. These tops can be eaten, so store tops separately from the carrots. The tops will pull the moisture from the carrots, making them bendy more quickly.
  • Unpeeled carrots can be easily stored for up to 1 month if completely submerged in water in a sealed container.
  • Do not store washed/damp carrots in plastic bags, this will make them rot; wash before use.
  • Store carrots away from potatoes, apples, and pears, which give off ethylene gas which may cause them to go bitter.

How to keep your carrots fresher for longer
Photography by Megan Vincent

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