The Thanksgiving Turkey that Keeps on Giving

63% of Canadians throw away food that could have been eaten, and it’s extremely important to me that we all do our part in minimizing that number. Sometimes it can be tricky this time of the year, where most social gatherings revolve around large (delicious) meals. Turkey is the star of the show, and usually the thing I end up having the most of. 

How to store your cooked meat (0:30):

Pull as much meat off the bones as possible – if you aren’t going to eat it immediately, freeze it in an appropriate container and add a flavourful liquid such as broth, stock or gravy. It will last for up to three months. 

Bits & Veggie Trimmings (1:08):

In order to use every last bit of your turkey, I recommend making a stock. This is an easy way to get as much as you can out of the turkey, and you can even store your leftover cooked turkey with it! Make sure you save your vegetable trimmings because this is an important ingredient. Once finished, it can last up to four days in the fridge or one year in the freezer. 

Leftover Recipes (2:15):

If you happen to have leftover cooked meat, I have three wonderful recipes available for you to enjoy. 

Turkey Chop Salad with Stuffing Croutons

Cajun Inspired Turkey Jambalaya 

Turkey Curry 

Thank you again to my friends at Love Food Hate Waste Canada, who are fueling the movement that is very important to me. Together, let’s rediscover the value of food. 

Photography by Ryan Hegarty